5-branes, KK-monopoles and T-duality
Eduardo Eyras, Bert Janssen, Yolanda Lozano
We construct the explicit worldvolume effective actions of the type IIB NS-5-brane and KK-monopole. These objects are obtained through a T-duality transformation from the IIA KK-monopole and the IIA NS-5-brane respectively. We show that the worldvolume field content of these actions is precisely that necessary to describe their worldvolume solitons. The IIB NS-5-brane effective action is shown to be related to the D-5-brane's by an S-duality transformation, suggesting the way to construct (p,q) 5-brane multiplets. The IIB KK-monopole is described by a gauged sigma model, in agreement with the general picture for KK-monopoles, and behaves as a singlet under S-duality. We derive the explicit T-duality rules NS-5-brane <--> KK, which we use for the construction of the previous actions, as well as NS-5 <--> NS-5, and KK <--> KK.

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