Bulk Gauge Fields in AdS Supergravity and Supersingletons
Sergio Ferrara
We describe conformal operators living at the boundary of $AdS_{d+1}$ in a general setting. Primary conformal operators at the threshold of the unitarity bounds of UIR's of O(d,2) correspond to singletons and massless fields in $AdS_{d+1}$, respectively. For maximal supersymmetric theories in $AdS_{d+1}$ we describe ``chiral'' primary short supermultiplets and non-chiral primary long supermultiplets. Examples are exhibited which correspond to KK and string states. We give the general contribution of a primary conformal operator to the OPE and Green's functions of primary fields, which may be relevant to compute string corrections to the four-point supergraviton amplitude in Anti-de-Sitter space.

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