Jamming and Rheology: Constrained Dynamics on Microscopic and Macroscopic Scales

October 12-16, 1997

Coordinators: S. Edwards, A. J. Liu, S. Nagel and M. Robbins


All sessions in ITP Main Seminar Room, Kohn Hall, unless otherwise indicated.

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Sunday, October 12, 1997

Time Speaker Title
1:00 pm Registration ITP Lobby
1:45 David Gross, ITP Director Welcome to the ITP
Chair: Matthew Fisher
2:00 Sidney Nagel Experimental Remarks[Audio]
2:30 Sam Edwards Theoretical Remarks[Audio]
3:15 Refreshment Break ITP Front Patio
Glasses I Chair: Gary Grest
3:45 Gilles Tarjus Glasses: OVERVIEW[Audio]
4:25 Mark Ediger Evidence for spatially heterogeneous dynamics in supercooled liquids.
4:55 Herman Cummins Dynamics of Liquids and the Glass Transition: Recent Comparisons with the Mode Coupling Theory
5:25 Robert Leheny Dielectric Susceptibility Studies of Deeply Supercooled Liquids
5:55 Daniel Kivelson Frustration-Limited Domains: a Theory of Supercooled Liquids
6:30 Buffet Dinner ITP FrontPatio

Monday, October 13, 1997

Time Speaker Title
Powders I Chair: Elie Raphael
9:00 am Susan Coppersmith Powders: OVERVIEW[Audio]
9:40 Joachim Wittmer Stress Propagation and Arching in Static Sandpiles
10:10 George Cody Particle Fluctuation Velocity, or Granular Temperature, in Gas Fluidized Beds - Scaling with Gas Flow and Particle Diameter, and Correlation with Accepted (Jackson/Wallis) Models of Initial Stability of Fluidized State, and Empirical (Geldart) Classification of Fluidization Phenomena
10:40 Refreshment Break ITP Front Patio
11:10 Naryanan Menon Dynamics in Driven Granular Media
11:40 Irwin Oppenheim Molecular Description of Granular Flow
12:10 pm Lunch ITP Center Patio
Foams I Chair: Gary Leal
2:00 Andrea Liu Foams: OVERVIEW[Audio]
2:40 Francois Lequeux Behavior of Concentrated Emulsions under Strain
3:10 David Weitz Rheology of Compressed Emulsions
3:40 Refreshment Break ITP Front Patio
4:10 Dov Levine Some Geometrical Aspects of Emulsion Rheology
4:40 Andrew Kraynik Microrheology of Ordered and Random Foams
5:10 POSTER SESSION (Light Refereshments)

Tuesday, October 14, 1997

Time Speaker Title
Chair: Glenn Fredrickson
9:00 am Mark Robbins Unsteady Rheology: OVERVIEW[Audio]
9:40 Arlette Baljon Simulations of Stick-to-Slip Transition and Memory in Confined Fluids
10:10 Jean Carlson Friction at Lubricated Interfaces
10:40 Refreshment Break ITP Front Patio
11:10 Jerry Gollub Frictional Dynamics of Sheared Granular Materials
11:40 Doug Durian Bubble Dynamics in Flowing Foams
12:30 pm Patio Barbeque ITP Front Patio
Afternoon Free

Wednesday, October 15, 1997

Time Speaker Title
Aging Chair: Daniel Fisher
9:00 Jorge Kurchan Aging: OVERVIEW[Audio]
9:40 J.-P. Bouchaud Large Length Scales Energy Landscape for Pinned Objects and Aging
10:10 J.-L. Barrat Aging Dynamics and Fluctuation-Dissipation Ratio in a Lennard-Jones
10:40 Refreshment Break ITP Front Patio
Foams II Chair: Martin Gelfand
11:10 Peter Sollich Rheology of Soft Glassy Materials
11:40 Stephen Langer "Temperature" of Flowing Foam
12:10 pm Michael Dennin Shearing 2D Foams: an Experimental Study
12:40 pm Lunch ITP Front Patio
Glasses II Chair: Shivaji Sondhi
2:30 Bulbul Chakraborty Glassy Relaxations in a Frustrated Spin Model
3.00 Akira Onuki Nonlinear Rheology in a Highly Supercooled Liquid
3:30 Sharon Glotzer Dynamic Heterogeneities and Cooperative Motion in Simulations of Glass-forming Liquids
4:00 Refreshment Break ITP Front Patio
4:30 Sergei Obukhov Topologically Induced Glass Transition in Freely Rotating Rods
5:00 William Klein The Role of Structures in Structural Glasses
5:30 Robin Stinchcombe Nonequilibrium Granular and Glassy Models
6:00 POSTER SESSION (Light Refreshments)

Thursday, October16, 1997

Time Speaker Title
Powders II Chair: David Pine
9:00 am Joe Goddard Reynolds Dilatancy as Macro-constraint
9:30 Ed Nowak Relaxation, Reversibility, and Fluctuations in the Density of Vibrated Granular Material
10:00 Anita Mehta Dynamics of Shaken Granular Materials
10:30 Refreshment Break ITP Front Patio
11:00 Dan Howell Fluctuations in Sheared Granular Materials
11:30 Antonio Coniglio Frustrated Models for Glasses and Granular Compaction
12:00 Lunch ITP Front Patio
Wrap-up Session Chair: James Langer
2:00 Shlomo Alexander Summary[Audio]
2:40 T.V. Ramakrishnan Summary[Audio]
3:20 Thomas Witten Summary[Audio]
4:00 Conference Ends

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