Schedule Jul 29, 2009
Discussion of the Fe-superconductors
Doug Scalapino, UCSB & KITP

This Wednesday we will have a discussion about the Fe-superconductors. The plan is to begin by listing some of the experimental facts and then lay out a list of questions for discussion. I've listed some possible questions below. Please add to the list if you would like to.

  1. Should we treat these Fe materials as strongly or weakly coupled, or are they (again) in an intermediate coupling regime?
  2. How should we understand the magnetic and structural phase transitions: J1-J2, Fermi surface nesting, orbitally ordered, ...?
  3. Is the pairing mechanism in the Fe superconductors the "same" as in the cuprates? If it is the "same", which "same" is it?
  4. What is the symmetry of the gap? Can there be nodes? How does the answer depend upon the material? What does that tell us about the pairing mechanism?
  5. Can we think of new measurements that pin down the gap structure?
  6. Does quantum criticality play an important role in these materials?
  7. What lessons do we learn from the Fe superconductors that can help us in the search for higher Tc materials? (Elihu Abrahams)

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