Schedule Aug 19, 2009
Discussion: Is There a Role of Electronic Structure Calculations in the Search for Higher Tc Superconductors?

Today we will have a discussion on "Is there a role of electronic structure calculations in the search for higher Tc superconductors?" To motivate the discussion, below I list the questions that Peter Hirschfeld presented to the Materials Theory session at our program's conference earlier this summer. I offer them as a starting point. We also welcome proposed additions and/or changes. In particular, we welcome request to give any relevant short presentations. I will begin with a short presentation on the experimental programs that are beginning in the US searching for higher Tc superconductors.


P.S. We know that there are folks out in the virtual world who are following the Program. If you want to send along any comments, please feel free. We will work them into the discussion.

Hirschfeld's Question to Materials Theory Session of Program Conference:

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