Schedule Jun 08, 2004
Diluted (ferro-) magnetic semiconductors: An overview
Carsten Timm (FU Berlin)

Diluted magnetic semiconductors (DMS) are exciting materials not only because of possible applications in spintronics but also from a basic-physics point of view. One main aspect is that the magnetic interactions between impurity spins and thus ferromagnetic order can be controlled by changing the carrier concentration by doping or an applied gate voltage---a possibility that does not exist in ferromagnetic metals. Also, magnetic semiconductors add magnetic ordering and its relation to positional disorder to the long list of phenomena that can be studied in semiconductors. An overview over key properties of DMS is given in this talk, focussing on important experiments and the resulting constraints for a theoretical description. Important aspects are strong disorder effects and spin-orbit coupling. Relations to quantum order at low temperatures are also pointed out.

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