Schedule May 30, 2007
Hidden Symmetry and Quantum Phases in Spin-3/2 Cold Atomic Systems
Congjun Wu, KITP

Optical traps and lattices provide a new opportunity to study strongly correlated high spin systems with cold atoms. In this article, we review the recent progress on the hidden symmetry properties in the simplest high spin fermionic systems with hyperfine spin F=3/2, which may be realized with atoms of 132Cs, 9Be, 135Ba, 137Ba, and 201Hg. A generic SO(5) or isomorphically, Sp(4) symmetry is proved in such systems with the s-wave scattering interactions in optical traps, or with the on-site Hubbard interactions in optical lattices. Various important features from this high symmetry are studied in the Fermi liquid theory, the mean field phase diagram, and the sign problem in quantum Monte-Carlo simulations. In the s-wave quintet Cooper pairing phase, the half-quantum vortex exhibits the global analogue of the Alice string and non-Abelian Cheshire charge properties in gauge theories. The existence of the quartetting phase, a four-fermion counterpart of the Cooper pairing phase, and its competition with other orders are studied in one-dimensional spin-3/2 systems. We also show that counter-intuitively quantum fluctuations in spin-3/2 magnetic systems are even stronger than those in spin-1/2 systems.

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