Schedule Aug 03, 2012
Impact of Higher-order Modes on the Detection of Binary Black Hole Coalescences
Larne Pekowsky (Georgia Tech.)

Thus far modeled searches for the gravitational waves produced by the coalescence of compact binaries have used templates that include only the 2,2 mode. However, it is known that there can be significant power in higher-order modes -- indeed there are parameters for which these modes become dominant. Numerical relativity can now produce waveforms that are accurate though late inspiral, merger, and ringdown including many higher-order modes. In this talk I present recent work using an Advanced LIGO noise curve and waveforms produced at Georgia Tech using the MayaKranc code to study the impact of higher modes on the ability to detect binary black hole coalescences over a range of mass ratios, as well as for systems containing spin.

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