Schedule Aug 03, 2012
Implications of PSR J0737-3039B For the Galactic NS-NS Binary Merger Rate
Chunglee Kim (WVU), Benetge B. P. Perera (WVU), Maura Mclaughlin (WVU)

The Double Pulsar (PSR J0737-3039) is the only NS-NS binary in which both neutron stars have been detectable as radio pulsars. The Galactic NS-NS merger rate, however, has been based on only the recycled PSR J0737-3039A (or A). The 5-yr observations of the second-born, non-recycled PSR J0737-3039B (or B) by the Green Bank Telescope enable us to constrain B's beam geometry that is the least known ingredient in empirical modeling of this pulsar. In this work, we model the B pulsar and calculate the probability density function of the Galactic NS-NS merger rate based on both A and B, along with other merging NS-NS binaries. We also discuss the implications of the Double Pulsar for the detection rate of NS-NS inspirals with the LIGO-Virgo network.

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