Schedule Aug 03, 2012
Searches for Eccentric Neutron Star Binaries in the Advanced Detector Era
Eliu Huerta (Syracuse Univ.)

Binary neutron stars (BNSs) are one of the most likely candidates for the first direct detection of gravitational waves (GWs) in the advanced detector era. In this talk we review some formation mechanisms that suggest that BNSs may have non-negligible eccentricity by the time the GWs emitted by these type of systems reach the sensitive frequency band of second generation ground-based detectors. To assess the influence of eccentricity in advanced LIGO and advanced Virgo searches for BNS systems, we construct a bank of non-eccentric waveform templates and matched-filter eccentric BNS waveforms with this bank. The bank assumes a mass-parameter space between 1 and 3 solar masses. We present results for the overlap between eccentric BNS waveforms ---generated using the model introduced in Phys Rev D 82, 024033--- and circular BNS bank waveforms generated using post-Newtonian waveform models employed in previous LIGO and VIRGO GW searches. We also present results for the accuracy with which the intrinsic parameter of the eccentric system can be reconstructed.

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