Schedule Aug 06, 2010
A New Additional Theorem, for Time Resolved Terms, of Maxwell's Equations, in the X-ray Spectrum
Brette De La Houssaye (LA Unified School District)

A new Additional Theorem is introduced, arrived at from a mathematical transform equation, which allows the time resolved terms, involving Maxwell’s Equations, to be solved for. Examples on how to use Maxwell’s Equations, for propagating plane waves, in free space, within the x-ray spectrum, are shown, in which the contour integral velocity, in units of meters per second, is solved for in general terms. The necessity to substitute, for the terms and factors, included in Maxwell’s Equations, equivalent Relativistic expressions, is briefly discussed, in order to arrive at the correct equations, for the terms, when considering electromagnetic waves in the x-ray spectrum. An example of how possibly to model sources of x-rays, in general terms, emanating from the Sun, using the Ampere-Maxwell Law, and new Additional Theorem, is given, along with an example to better understand the nature of the relationship between the contour integral velocity, magnetic field, and current flow, when considering electron flow, within a closed surface.

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